Renew your mind with the gospel of grace written by the apostle paul and explained for the man christ jesus

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In this small section we expose a small perception of biblical proofs that have renewed the minds of thousands of people in the world

* We believe that God, Jesus Christ, manifested a second time to clarify the mysteries of the hidden and predestined wisdom and He was able to confirm the Church through his preaching.

1 Cor 4: 5 and Ro 16:25

* We believe that all the evidences of the prophets and of the Apostle Paul were fulfilled in Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, who was the last manifestation of God in a clay vessel and also confirms his Church educated and built by Him during 40 years of his Ministry .

*We believe that in the bible there are two gospels, one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles, one communicated by the Apostle Peter and the other by the Apostle Paul.

Gal. 2:7

*We believe that God manifested himself in flesh in Jesus of Nazareth and then in Jesus Christ Man to save the believers through the madness of his preaching.

1 Tim 3: 16 y 1 Cor 1: 21

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